Attendance list

Almost in Va!

Poor keaton, honestly wanted to kiss the ground when he got here! Long trip in a lot of traffic, but he's here, and RedBusarider is here...great seeing RedBusarider and kudos for being awake for 40 hours straight to get here...

keatonbusa - already dipped in to the concoction Omar made :hide: Awesome guy!

GIXERHP and mizmoo-sa en route...semi and Ace coming Thursday I believe. Grumpy with GIXERHP? :dunno:

Earlybird is planning to ride with us on Saturday, maybe getting a visit from Keene757?

Heard from Loomis...hasn't heard from him in a while! He may try to drop by for the cookout Saturday :thumbsup:

Dan & HRHDi arrive when? If we get bike parts before you arrive, can we use them? :laugh:

Man, what a day. I'm tired :lol:
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I'm in. Looking forward to seeing everybody. See you all Sat Afternoon, Enjoy the Ride Be Safe.
Awesome! Will do!

FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDGGGGGEEEEE I really want to come! I'm thinking about missing work on Saturday to come but that means I have to get my bike totally back together by then! :banghead:

O it doesn't help that all the parts won't be here until Friday! And I work Friday! smh
You can always cage it out on Sat night and hang with the gang!