Arkansas trip


Here's some pics from my Arkansas trip about a month ago.  The scenery is great and believe it or not, there's some pretty good roads if you like curves.  Forgive me for all the pictures, but there's actually quite a few more and I had fun taking them.

Near start of Talimena Drive on Oklahoma side

....More Talimena drive pictures....

Do you like curves?

Beginning of Talimena Drive on Arkansas side near Mena.  All kinds of warnings about how dangerous the road is.  My kind of road!
Nice pics, but i hate Arkansas, had a lot of bad experiences there in the 5 years i lived there, dont want to go back anytime soon. Most roads are fun, but would be better if the states took care of them, they have worse roads than michigan in places, i swear.
Not a knock on Oklahoma, but I had a friend from Durant, Oklahoma that I visited a couple of times. Worst pot holes I've ever seen, at least in that part of Oklahoma.
I still go back and visit the town I went to high school in in northern Arkansas, in the Ozarks..... definitely no shortage of twisty roads! But the potholes are bigger and worse in Illinois around the Chicago suburbs. "BAM! - what was that?.... ahhh, just my trailing arm that was not trailing a mile ago..."
Busaben, what kind of tank bag is that
It's an Oxford. They come in several colors. It's got a rain cover, it's expandable and it comes with shoulder straps also to carry like a back pack. Sorry to sound like a commercial but I'm satisfied with it.
The road is called the talimena drive. It's Arkansas Hwy 88. It starts in Mena, Arkansas. Mena is near the Oklahoma border, about 100 miles southwest of Hot Springs. The mountains here are the Ouachita Mountain Range, not the Ozarks. Lots of twisties in the area, west of Hot Springs as well. See Petit Jean state park too if your out that way.
Thanks Ben, going to try and make it out that way in a couple of weeks..................Ks
Ben, were coming your way via highway 88......................Making plans as we speak.
Ks, hope the weather is good for you.  The winds were pretty strong when I was there.  It's really a beautiful area out there, practically wilderness.  Have fun!