Anyone need some decals??


I just bought some new software and now have the ability to cut any SUZUKI realted decals. Of course that includes the busa stuff. Anyone interestested In taht or anything else for that matter can e-mail me at Thanks
I'm doing a set for a busa this week in paint mask for my local custom painter,,, he's gonna paint the logos on instead of using vinyl. Once the bike is done,, I'll try to get some pics.
I just bought some new software and now have the ability to cut any SUZUKI [/QUOTE]

Just wanted to now if this is a gig your doing on the side.  Dont wont to step on your toez by asking if anyone can do the custom work themselfs.  If not I would like to know whats all involved (tools and equipment).
I Have a small buisness, vinyl lettering and designs. I do alot of signs and custom work for racecars. We have a drag strip in our town, so theres alot of racers. You have to have all the proper equipment to make vinyl logos and you must know how to effectively use it and the software. Once you get your buisness license, you can get your equipment and get started. Taking classes at your tech school for computer graphic design is a really good idea as well to help you learn your way around the software. I JUST finished some paint mask for a BUSA. The painter will use this as a template andf PAINT on the logos instead of using vinyl. Its in white, but I'll take a pic of it and see if you can make out the details. If not,, I have a set of "wheel lip decals" on the drawing board now, I'll post a pic of them once completed,, VERY SOON!!