Anyone Interested In A Fantasy Motogp League?


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I was just wondering if anyone was interested in a Fantasy MotoGP league here on the oRg? I know it is late, but we used to do this several years ago and it was a blast... there are other Fantasy Leagues out there, but this one would be just for us in our little oRg world. The first race is today, so if anyone wants to do it, then we can start with Race number two and you can use Qatar as your Team Scouting event :)

If anyone is interested, then we can decide on rules, procedure and possible prizes -

Any takers?

We used to do this several years ago - the ide was you would pick a number of riders (usually 9) based on performance brackets and then each race, you would have to rest two. Points were added or subtracted for QP placement, Record and Fast laps, Race placement, etc. Only points for the riders not resting would count - at the end of the section or season - the most points would win.

I can dig up the old rules and dust them off - it was just a fun thing that a few of us were doing - in the 2006-2008 timeframe -