Any Busa Owners in San Jose


I just saw someone on a Hayabusa this morning in San Jose on Camden Ave. This is right by my house and I would love to know if this guy is a member on or if there are any other members on from the San Jose area. It sure would be nice to get out there and see how many Hayabusa's we can get in one group. Let me know if you own a Hayabusa, live in the San Jose area, and are down to hook up for a ride with another hayabusa (mine!).
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it wasn't me but i live in Union City. my bike is temporarly down for the moment but i would like to ride out with ya someday
Big E... I'm up in Union City almost every weekend. My family lives in Hayward but I'm always riding around with 5150, a sports bike group that meets up at the Starbucks at Union Landing every Sat. and Sun. for rides at noon. Let me know when you get that bike up and running!
Not me either I'm in Santa Clara. I ride most weekends HWY 9 and Skyline                                                                                                                                     Rich