Another streetfighter busa

Here's another one. I'm sure I'll get a bunch of hate from the purists. Mirrors have turn signals integrated. Mini headlight unit has a fly screen. High Mount Pipes and gel a/m seat compliment this stripped down beast. I'm buying Suzuki4life's turbo kit so any wind resistance will be offset soon.
When I'm done, it will be somewhat like a Bandito on crack.

Here's the back. I'll probably sell the body as a kit and get a different tank and tail. Original Headlight, bracket, and mirrors probably gonna ebay soon. If I'd have known Gel seats were so good I wouldn't have waited so long to get one.

whats the deal on the pipes? Did you make them or are they from the aftermarket?
That bike seriously needs a GSXR 1K tail and front fender. The saying in your signature definately applies to you!
You need to clean up the hoses either cover them up with fake braided lines or get some custom braided steel lines. Looks like some balacking out needs to be done on some of the components as well.

Good luck with the project.


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Yeah, the wires, lines and hoses need to be covered. No hate for a streetfighter, but that just looks like a Busa with no fairings.
Interesting - 01 - 03 GSXR 600/750 tail, subframe, footpeg bkts, rims are nice, powder coated frame, gives me a few ideas... I'm not done yet.

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