Another person with another exhaust question


I have a stock 2011 busa. When I finally make it home from this deployment I am going to spend some of my hard earned money on the bike. I have been looking and looking for a full exhaust system for the bike. I have come across a Leo Vince SBK Factory EVO II Full Exhaust System. They claim that I don't have to do anything with the fuel management. Question, does anyone know if these are worth it or not? I am also looking at a full Muzzy system as a back up. Any information would be great. Forgot to explain, that I have a 1200 budget for exhaust, fuel and filter. Thanks again.
If you are going for the full system, header, mid pipe and cans, definitely do a tune that involves an ecu flash. If you are just using slip on's, install and ride it. Thank you for your service.
Like stated above, no fuel managements systems like power commanders... Get your ECU flashed and never look back. Pick an exhaust that you like the looks and sound of. Some (like Brock's) offer better horse power vs the muzzy but you get what our pay for. A full Brock's system is going to eat up your entire budget. If you find something for less and don't plan on racing it then there's nothin wrong with them other than they won't help with the ponies as much. I would wait until you get back to order one though. You're going to want to see the quality of craftsmen ship of what you get mid hear the sound before you buy. Find a bike night and see what other people have.

I've been a fan of Two Brothers exhausts for a link time. Are you thinking single side or duals?
No expert but if a full system is advertised not requiring a tune I would say you're not getting but a few ponies out of it.

Muzzy is a good system, so is Brocks.

What do you want out of your exhaust system ?
I actually posted a thread not to long ago asking about the Leo Vince exhausts for a busa. Take a look......

If your all about performance than it pretty much comes down to the big 3: Brocks, Ti-Force, and Akrapovic. Any 1 of those exhausts will easily eat up your $1200 budget. If your more into sound or a nice looking exhaust then a HMF, muzzy's, yosh, or Leo Vince might be more your speed.
All 3 of those brands I mentioned have a single side 4-2-1 exhaust. Take your pick..... Stainless, Titanium, or CF:beerchug:
I have the brock alien head stainless steel. full system with an ecu edit on my 06. but as said already. get a full system and an ecu edit for sure. leave the power commander alone and spend the money on a good tuner that can do the ecu. better choice. I learned the hard way on this part
I am in the process of installing a four into one as well. What some recommended sources for doing the ECU reflash and what information do they need from me in order to do this for me?
I just put the Brocks Alien Head full system with power commander on my 2013 LE Busa. I brought the system for $1300+..I agree with others, it depends on what you like and what you looking for from a full system and of course what you willing to spend. Here are a few pics....



God I really love that yellow! Go full Ti. I would if I could. Also, Alien head is pretty much the best with TiForce my close second choice
Thanks...MLSDUKE1....I look at many system and I went with Brocks because of it's performance and the color choices of the brock name plates. I wish they let you customize the plates like two brothers does, but over all, I like it. A couple of friends I know have the white 2012 busa's with Brocks Alien Heads...I like the AH on the white busa, it looks awesome..