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Yes after a lot of thought, and a little poll, (thanks guys/gal) I decided to change my screen name to BIG O. It's been my nickname at work for a long time, and the trip to Vegas sealed the deal. People asked my screen name and when I said Brennanop, they look at me funny, Well... you try it, say it out loud, Brennanop, see? it just doesn't work. Big O just sounds better. It's easy to remember too. A special thanks to Cache for all the help.
Ooops sorry I didn't mean to forget you Dustman, Thanks!

Re Big E: E before O except when riding a blackand blue!
I was just about to give you some major crap! I identify with these names, and it is confusing enough. I gave Hawaii crap when he was talking that junk. However, I tried saying Brennanop out loud like I was calling you across a bar.

So what's up Big O!...Now don't make me change my name. I like it, but it might sound funny in a bar.
I liked Brennanop better... NOT! It was slightly better than my old Snyders2! Be aware that Oscar will be a bit jealous... when he gets his busa, he will have to be reborn since he is Big O around eSportbike... He even had the Big O plate until some guttless turd stole his bike and plates. Got the bike back, but no plates.
Big O got a message from Big E and he is coming to Escondido which is in my neck of the woods. Not sure of all the timing and all but we should all get together with him for something to do!

Marc "Howlin Mad"

Will try to get a hold of purplehaze and BigGar as well.
Big O,
I bet your new handle will be quite a hit with the ladies!   ...and maybe some of the guys too I guess.  

I can see the conversation now...

Cutesy Blonde:  What's your handle?
Big O:  Big O!
Cutesy Blonde:  Who gave that name to you?
Big O:  An old girlfriend.