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Believe it or not we are riding here in Alaska! Did 100 miles Saturday and 60 last night, temp in the mid 40's. Going to get some hot grips when i take it in for the 600mile tune up.
I have a 2002 black on black Hayabusa and it is just awesome. Been riding for 30+ years and this is the best bike i've ever rode.
Welcome to the board. Seeing that you are riding in Alaska is going to upset a lot of people that are still snowed in.

ha ha to them! Usually we can't ride tell real late March or April here. I got my busa on october 28 and have managed to get 550 miles on it so far in about 6 days of riding after work and weekends, have to watch out for ice and gravel on the road.
my favorite place on earth, i usually head up ever year and do some halibut fishing. in Homer and Seward. still waiting to land the big one 300 plus pounds. there are some great roads up there i must say. do u hunt or fish?
Maybe i'll have to see what is coming up.
I got my motorcycle endorsement road test passed today! Took the test on the BUSA it wasn't pretty but I passed! The last time I did it in Vancouver, Washington on a CB160 Honda. about 34 years ago!
I have 3000 miles on the busa now, did the Matanuska Glacier trip, and Sewart so far for semi long trips. I usually ride up to Portage Lake or Girdwood at night after work or to the top of Portage pass about 100 miles, thru some of the best scenery in the world. I am planning on doing the loop this summer Anchorage, Fairbanks, Valdez and back about 1000+ miles.
sounds like fun, that would be a fun trip. I offered Thinker/Cache a trip up with me for free ,but they wouldnt take it, they dont know what there missing. everyone of taken there with me always ask when am i going back,they have that much of a fun time and thats not even fishing yet. Well im hoping to land the big 300lb this time if not ill keep trying til i get the charter im going on
as time gets near ill keep you posted
I'll try an' locate the pic, it's from our local paper , 375 poun' Hali . This guy has found a VERY cool spot rite here off the coast . Sooke , B.C. Canada .
Couple hundred miles from ya.....I'll look for the pic .
actually i live up here too... and i've seen 5 different Busas up here since i started paying attention to bikes (about, 4 months ago) so yeah they are around up here.
in fact i've heard that Alaska has more bikes per capita than anywhere else in the US.
maybe i'll see ya around.
i just got back from there tuesday, i saw lots of bikes out on sunday since the weather was goood. didnt see any busas, but alot of cruisers. I noticed up there , there no helmet law.
bringing this one back from the dead.
just wanted to know if you had seen a black Busa up here with cali plates. somebody posted on that the rider just moved up and his Bus is boosted. i'd like to see it. hehe.. probably the only turbo Busa up here.
just thought i'd comment on it.
There is a girl< i hear from the Anchorage Suzuki guys that has a black 2002 like mine I think I saw her last weekend and last night down by Portage both times, with a HD (her husband I think) and alone last night.
myself and 5 of my co-workers are arriving in ANC on Sat May 22, hopefully will be able to meet at HOOTERS around 8-9pm and the venture over to the Great Alaskan Bush Company for a night of  
First round on me
 im stilling chasing the 300lb halibut

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What do you Alaska riders know about Phil Freeman, the guy that runs He rents dual sports to small groups and provides a chase vehicle, makes reservations for room and board and all the other busy work for a tour.