Aftermarket Rearsets


I have a 2012 Busa and I'm right around the 6'5" mark. I wasn't sure if any compared the Buell pegs to any Rearsets that are currently out. People said you get about 2 more inches and I wasn't sure if that was attainable with a set of quality Rearsets. Any thoughts, comments or concerns are greatly appreciated.

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I had a set of buell pegs once and they do make a difference. Till the one broke in half... aside from that though it was fine. I was wondering about the rearsets as well. Kinda wondering what the advantages are.
What's nice about the vortex rear sets is they are fully adjustable. You can get your feet positined right where you want them.

On my personal bike, I had them lower, and a touch more forward then stock. Perfect for me as I'm a tic over 6ft.
Rearsets will really only help you with lowering foot position, if you have a turbo or low midpipe style exhaust. Alot of the midpipes on aftermarket systems tuck a little closer underneath allowing more downward adjustment and the adjustable rearsets clear. You can only go down so far with adjustable rearsets on stock exhaust. Most rearsets go up and back changing your position leg position anyways. Be sure you know what style you are ordering.. I would do buell pegs if stock midpipes...
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I had the Buell pegs on my Gen1, I am 6'7 and it definitely improved my riding position on the bike.
Looking at getting a 2012 now and was wondering if I can do the same thing, or if I need to buy aftermarket?

Also never heard of the Buell one's breaking, that's kinda scary.
Just purchased these from knight design....I'll let you know. Seems pretty simple, if they fit. You can get a 1 inch drop with no conflict with stock pipes or a 2 inch drop with a need to modify your exhaust