ADRL ticket for 4



I ordered a bunch of stuff from summit (about $1k) and they sent me this...I can't go due to work:banghead:the first person to pm their addy gets it, I'll mail it off monday.
the dates left are:
july 3-4 radford,va
july 24-25 dinwiddie, va
aug 7-8 madison, il
aug 21-22 hebron, ohio
sep 11-12 rockingham, nc
oct 23-24 ennis, tx
I hate for it to go to waste (even though it's a freebie)almost as much as I hate working "C" shift...every stinkin' thursday - saturday:banghead: never been to one, thought this was my chance since ennis is only a little over an hour from here, but can't get the time off.:cursin:

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