A prank only for a good friend

It was funny... about gave a the guy a heart attack... and his nylon vest is a little bit messed up inside the pocket area... :laugh:
Think you nailed it there. Funny unless you are the guy with the firecracker in your pocket. I got a good chuckle out of it.
Another fun thing to do with fireworks is take one of the adult poppers (the kind that look like a fire cracker and pop when you throw them on the ground) and set it under the toilet seat and then when someone sits down it makes a loud pop like a firecracker. This has happened a time or two at work. I have no clue who would do such a thing though. :whistle:
I'm doing this to Bots, but with spiders :whistle:

All fun and games until Bots has a heart attack..........


Think of the children....