2006 White LE - STOLEN! (NC/East Coast) >:(

el stumpo

Well, didn't think it would happen - especially right out of my car port - but someone decided to take my bike last Saturday night/Sunday morning (10/19-10/20). What hurt the most is writing everything I've done to her down and collecting pics. Appreciate any help tracking down the bike, parts or even better the scum. It has been reported to the police, so the VIN is now reported as stolen. Odo shows around 29k miles.

Included pics so you can see left/right/rear of the bike.

Here's the run down:
In General:
Polished wheels with Dunlop Q2s and 90 degree metal stems front and rear (with octagon metal caps)
left side has a happy face with bullet hole sticker
right side has a sticker that says 'I rode my bike to trailer week'
Rear has two stickers: 1) tail of the dragon. 2) circle sticker with an F (see pic)

Noticeable Mods:
Galfer chrome front and rear rotors
Full HMF High mount exhaust carbon fiber
Chrome Hayabusa chain guard
Corbin front seat
Corbin rear seat with backrest (and blue striping)
CA (Clear alternatives) integrated rear taillight clear

Not so noticeable:
Air horn
Pazzo levers - Silver
+2" Galfer black front brake and clutch lines
Galfer rear black brake line
Double Bubble windscreen
License plate bolts are really LED lights
Silver rear swingarm spools
GIPro (Gear Indicator) - on top of gauges
Rear brake bar uses a hex bolt to hold it to the caliper
R1 Throttle Mod

Not noticeable:
Racetech springs (1.0kg)
Star shifter
Undercut trans
Small airbox mod
18 tooth front sprocket
PAIR mod
K&N Air Filter
Throttle bodies have blue tubing

It sucks, cops have no strong leads, but current thought is that it's someone in my neighborhood or someone that knows me.

Waiting to see what the insurance says now.... Thanks everyone.




rear sticker.jpg
I can't believe it Peter! I'm so sorry and I hope you have luck getting it back. I hope the insurance company can come through for you as well...

I'll keep eyes open for local parts sales. I hope it is found in good shape!
A pic of what the Corbin rear seat looks like. Front does not have the blue stripe. (Obviously not my bike)

corbin rear.jpg
Man this sucks! Sorry to hear. Have there been any other sport bikes stolen in the area.
It has been going around up here, but the cops suspect, it is people that cant afford to keep the bikes thru the winter.
Man I really hate too hear this 2 busa's gone in less than 4 days. I really do hope things turn out well for you. I will keep my eyes on craigslist and ebay for this as well.
There have been a few sport bikes stolen a couple of cities away, but this is new. The way we park the cars/bikes, you can't see it from the road. Hence my feeling it's someone who knows me or is in the 'hood....
Be careful with your assumptions, criminals are smarter than you think and lots of people hire criminals unknowingly to clean the yard and do minor stuff outside their homes. Unfortunately it gives them an opportunity to shop during the day and come back at night to pick their items up. I've had to run several crack heads off my property. They just wanted to rake my leafs.

Best of luck brother. That 50th ann model looks good
Damn theres a lot of bikes being stolen recently! Theives............ wow................ I'm sorry man! Where's that villiagers with pitchforks emoticon I've been asking for?