well fellas i finaly got her done

The Fletch

about two weeks ago i posted that i orderd the galfer wavy rotors front and rear galfer pads and stainless lines front and rear and the top gun undertail, well i got everything and put it all on yesterday!!!!
i have a question about the brakes though, what is recomended for break in? is their any? galfer sent no info so i wanted to check with you guys "the experts" thanks again fellas
-the fletch

oh i will post pics later tonight my camera is dead now
There is a process of "bedding" them in,theres a post around here somewhere,you may even be able to find it on the manuf's web site.The way I do it is a series of about 10 up to speed braking cycles,gradually increasing in speed and never coming to a complete stop,put some time in between the cycles to allow for cooling.After you complete the 10 or so cycles,do some higher speed slow down braking,you'll notice the brakes are getting better along with a slight darker color glaze on the rotors,this is normal.Hope this helps.
Pics Fletch, Pics!!! Just harrassing, how are you? Let me know how the stainless lines work out, thinking about doing them but the EBC's pads provide hella grip. We got to get together for a ride sometime.
i promise i will get some pics up asap it was raining all day today. for sure we need to go for a ride before the season is over!!!!

under hayabusa sales section
the breaks were going bad so i figured i should upgrade seeing that the bike is making more power than stock it should have more stopping power. She is for sale because i am layed off and need money BAD dont want to sell her but i might have to, If i get called back to work she wont be for sale anymore and will have the breaks i wanted.