2004 throttle body problem/erratic idle


Hello, just picked up my 4th hayabusa, its a 2004 with 40,200 miles on it & was used as a sport tourer before me purchasing it. 100% all stock and all in all in very good shape. The problem is the bike suffers from a weird idle and cannot be syncronized due to the #2 cylinder butterfly not fully seating like the other 3 cylinders, cyl’s 1-3-4 are all in line with one another but two is a no go. I also noticed the cylinder has more carbon as well, I have never heard of an issue like this, i sure was wondering if anyone had some knowledge or info on whats going on. my 00, 03, & 08 never suffered from anything like this. Also this bikes clutch basket sounds horrid too once fully warmed up.


I figured it out , the previous owner said he meticulously sync’d the throttle bodies the best he could but due to the #2 butterfly being slightly stuck open it just wouldnt sync up, it just didnt make since to me so i installed my sync tool & this is what i found I have them all balanced now, they were waaaaay off! & no there was no issue with the #2 cyl throttle plate, just a sh!tty sync!



That's a friggin awesome manometer!

BTW, if you buy a manometer, don't bother if it doesn't indicate mmhg. It's a nice visual aid to see the columns but if it doesn't tell the exact vacuum, you don't know if it's in spec. Get a four dial needle gauge vacuum tester instead or something like what cot has. Looks expensive.
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