16 minute video

well..... what did ya think?
It was pretty cool, I heard about it a while ago though still cool , One question? why didn't they put the Hump on the Busa for the Top Speed test?

The zx-12 didn't have its rear seat on for the test like the Busa did, but I don't think it effects the zx-12 like it effects the Busa.

I have heard the Hump on the back alone is good for another 6 mph Plus.

Also if you have a center stand instead of the Aerodynamic Wing on the bottom you also give up 3-4 mph.

I didn't really look at the Bottom of Busa that good so i don't know if it had a center stand or not, I just saw the rear seat was on the back instead of the Hump.

At speeds Over 180mph the slightest effect on Aerodynamics can effect these bikes a great deal.

Considering The Busa was at a Disadvantage with its rear seat on the back and no Hump.

What did one of those test riders say, 195mph should be no problem on these bikes?
Great vid! I too was surprised that the Busa didn't have the hump. It may have addressed Gary's (sp?) issue with sliding back while accelerating.

Those guys have huge BALLS! Mine are tiny in comparison.
I loved that bit at the start where the Kwaki is chasin' the Busa.....while the Busa is doin' a big wheel stand . WAAHHOO.
Just to add my 2 cents! I dyno'd my 03 Busa on Saturday and there were 2 ZX12's also there for the dyno. I am proud to say that one of the ZX12's had a pipe and mapping system installed and the other was completely stock. The ZX12 with the pipe dyno'd at 153.2hp and 92.1 torque. The other came in with a staggering 147hp and 89.7 torque.
My friend had a gsxr1000 that had a Tiforce full system and yosh ems. He also did the pair valve mod. His numbers were better than both the ZX12's. He came in at 156.7Hp and low on torque at 72.6.

And here are the results of the all-mighty 03 Busa (silver and grey I might add) Completely stock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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