16 bit to 32 bit conversion now codes C24 through c27

Without the PC III as it would not run with it, Bike also has a PC II and a Air shifter, Not sure why its running 2 power commanders, previous owner told me he had to with the turbo? I am hoping with the flash software I got I can atleast tune out one of them. Mind you just did the 32 bit conversion also. Bike does run fine, or so it seems. Reason why I did the 32bit conversion as I yanked the engine out to do the inner clutch slave cylinder seal and had to split the case.


ok, ok...just a wee bit Irish...
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What year is the bike??
As for the PC2, im pretty sure it will not work the the 32 bit stuff.
Sound like a new complete tune!
As for the codes, if the bike is a 99 or 00, the crank trigger wires are reversed for the 32 bit conversion.