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With just 11 days to go until "the official start of summer" as some locals put it, I thought I'd share this file I found on my computer. This is the real reason for Memorial Day. Not the cookouts, parades, sales and collateral bullshid everyone makes it out to be. I know we have a strong family here, many folks are current or former military but I challenge everyone to take a minute this holiday season to do something to remember those who give us the ability to be who/what we are or want to be.

Let me be the first to say "Thank you" to all the veterans, both past and present and their families. Our world is different than it has been at most any point in history but because of your sacrifices we still live in the best country on earth.
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We are planning to head over to the south fork for the Hope for the Warriors run to support them this year. Last year they came right past our neighborhood and we were able to cheer them on in a few places along their route. This year's route is even farther for them to run, from the far end of the island all the way to NYC and to ground zero.

Here's my daughter cheering them on last year :)