1 Hour Pay It Forward.


I've got numbers in my head. 1 number is 1-10. 1 number is 1-25. 1 number is 1-50. If only 10 reply then I'll pick that number. If 25 do I'll pick that, and so on. $50 max. 1 hour time limit. It's over at 9:21 pm central.

What do you want for your busa? I won't paypal you cash. I will purchase and send item straight to you from vendor. Im doing this in memory of my Grandpa who recently passed. He a was a man who gave much.



Is that something different than a stock gen2? If not I have an excellent gen 2 rear I'll mail ya. Pm me your address if that works.


What's your story?
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I've gotta track down a link 13013 but will post it soon!
Maybe a quick story about your grand father?


Child of the depression. World War II Vet who stayed after and hunted down boogerface officers. A God-fearing man, who instilled righteous values in his kids. And simply made you a better person by being in the room. When I was a child he showed up on Christmas morning (6am) with gifts for my sister and I. He stayed for about a half-hour had some coffee and breakfast and then he went back home to Grandma. I always wondered why he would have made such a long trip, they lived four hours away from us so it was an 8 Hour round trip. Not until I was an adult that I find out my parents were just short financially at the time. And he wasn't about to let us miss the wonders of Christmas morning. He was a very thoughtful caring and loving man. Tough-as-nails and gentle is the breeze. Through our common faith in Jesus Christ I am guaranteed to see him again in Eternity. And that is the greatest gift my Grandpa gave me.

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