1. M

    2013 busa shutdown when cluch applied to 1st.

    I have a two thousand and thirteen hayabusa. It shuts down when you engage 1st gear after 5 minutes of riding. After it cools down, it is fine for a minute of riding. When it is warm and you engage the clutch gear it shuts down immediately. It starts up every time in neutral. It starts up when...
  2. JSpeed

    1st gear dead, other gears vague.

    Hi from New Zealand. This is my first post here. I've looked through a heap of transmission related threads but can't find anything that matches my problem, so hoping this community might be able to help. Firstly a bit of background. The bike is a Gen 2, 2010 with nearly 50,000ks...
  3. H

    07 busa shuddering/slipping when releasing clutch

    2007 busa, 20k. Started shuddering, maybe even slipping when downshifting higher rpms as I let the clutch out. This started several weeks ago. Now when I'm upshifting and letting the cluch out same thing. Doesn't happen every time but enough to get me a little worried. Engine/Trans all factory...
  4. Doc69

    Transmission Trouble From 5th To 6th Gear

    Bike: 2015 Busa Store: Fun Bike Center Issue: Since the purchase (new), Dec 17th, 2015, the bike has a random event where it doesn't want to go into 6th gear from 5th. I have taken it to the dealership several times for the issue, but as most things the mechanics cant get it to duplicate or are...