1. pashnit

    45 Days on a Gen3 Hayabusa - 2023 Pashnit Touring

    Prolog: Prepping the new Pashnit Gen3 Hayabusa for touring In case you missed it, Last 2022 season's 12,000 miles of touring on a Hayabusa Last year's Ride Season wrapped up with the tour alumni presenting me with a 20th anniversary helmet they all collaborated on and had made. It was an...
  2. pashnit

    Modding the new Pashnit Gen 3 Busa

    Odd confession. I bought my fourth Hayabusa completely sight unseen. I hadn't even seen a Gen3 in person at a dealer or in the wild, till this one arrived at my house. Likely, that didn't matter. I knew I was going to buy this bike as soon as Suzuki announced the bike in the summer of 2021...
  3. pashnit

    A Perfectly Good Bridge

    A friend asked if I wanted to jump off a perfectly good bridge, attached to an elastic tether known as a bungee. She was a cute redhead and had a Porsche. The decision wasn’t difficult. Now being young, jumping off a perfectly good bridge with a cute redhead sounded like great fun for a Friday...