1. Rcktsientis99

    2022 Busa Overheating

    So...Took home my 2022 Busa after Labor Day. Rode the bike daily to acclimate myself. After a <10 mi ride to work one morning, I shut off the bike temporarily while showing my credentials to enter the facility. When I hit the start button, the bike stalled. I didn't know why. I "walked" the...
  2. The Magic School Bus

    Valve Clearance, Manual Cam Chain Tensioner Adjuster Install, and Cam Chain, Tensioner, and Guides Inspection.

    Ok just throwing it out there, I see a ton of valve clearance threads, tried to sift through most of them for wisdoms. I have been preparing for days and today I am opening the cylinder head cover (my first time doing this). :banana: Patient- 2005 GSX1300R 36,000 miles First thing I am doing...
  3. SkyBlue

    Just Bought A New 2015

    I finally got my Busa! I've been wanting a new bike since getting back from my last deployment, and eventually worked a deal to get the price I wanted to pay. Anyway, I'm new to the site and the Hayabusa community, and would love suggestions on mods, and someone to ride with if anyone's in the...
  4. 2012-04-28 09.26.05

    2012-04-28 09.26.05

  5. 2012-05-23 08.15.27

    2012-05-23 08.15.27

  6. put a 6" stretch on and lowered

    put a 6" stretch on and lowered

    first project completed
  7. My new 06 BUSA

    My new 06 BUSA

    My first BUSA, Im coming off a GSXR 600, always wanted this bike