new bike

  1. chobers

    I picked up my 2023 'busa then dropped it as promised.

    I test-rode the bike at the local dealer and got lost a little. Peter the salesman admitted to being somewhat nervous until I returned, but he also knew I wasn't leaving without it, which I didn't. I thought the hunched-over riding position would be much less comfortable but it really isn't...
  2. chobers

    Picking up new 2023 'busa next week. Any tips?

    I haven't seen it yet; all I know about it is that it's grey and has about zero miles on it. The price is exactly $20,000 out-the-door. I haven't ever sat on one; I just hope I can ride it around for a while until I get some bar risers on it before I start herniating disks. I will eventually...
  3. Kevin Cease

    Just bought 2022 in black

    Hi everyone, I just got a brand new 2022 busa in black/gold. It will be delivered tomorrow (Saturday.) it’s my birthday gift to myself. I grew up on bikes. My first bike being a Vstar when I was 15, and my last bike being a FZ1. I spent the day at Cycle Gear buying what I could get. Wife...
  4. T

    My new toy: The Hayaboosta

    Hello busa community! I’ve been a member for a little over a month now and realized I haven’t posted any pics of my new toy. But first an intro. 2007 Gen 1 Hayabusa with 18k Stage 1 Hahn’s turbo kit -Rebuilt turbo -Custom log style plenum (I know I know) -Tial wastegate and bov -K&N Filter...
  5. Andy Taylor

    New To The Forum, Relatively New To The Bike

    Hi, I have just signed up and wasn't sure where I was supposed to say Hi, so I've put it here, Mods, feel free to move if I got it wrong. I haven't ridden in quite a few years, due to work and family commitments, my last bike was a Fireblade, which I loved. Unfortunately, I am now too old /...