1. 2000TransAm24

    Gen 3 factory muffler mod

    Hello everyone! Just thought I'd share a little mod I did to my gen 3. I wanted to do a dual full exhaust but the options right now don't exist. So I decided to decat the factory mufflers. I wanted to accomplish this without cutting/welding etc. This was a learn by doing and I didn't take...
  2. fast_pace77

    DIY flush mount led GSXR turn signals

    Yes, it is true; we all at one point in the adventure we call modding find ourselves pondering just how to rid ourselves of the plague that is... OEM mirrors. Lol Their dismal future is inevitable. I give you, the 'functional block-off plate'. Turn signals. Ok, enough shenanigans. So...

    A Cheaper Gsxr Seat Unit Conversion???? Gen1 99

    Hi guys, So I am wanting to change my 99 busa rear seat unit for a gsxr unit but I am not spending a grand on two brackets then more money on the seat plastics... You can purchase a gsxr1000 or any other fibre glass races unit for under £100, has anyone managed to find a cheaper way of...

    Busa 99 Gen 1 , What Gsxr Front Fender Fits My Bike?

    Hi guys, I'm not a huge fan of the front fender on my 99 busa, I know a lot of people use a fender from certain year gsxr1000's. , which gsxr front fender will fit my bike and will it be a straight bolt on?
  5. Ham

    Heavy Duty Springs

    In the past i have had a 07 hayabusa that i purchased with heavy duty clutch springs the only thing that i noticed was clutch lever was stiffer. Now i have a gen2 is it a must have mod, any positives for a average person who cruises around the city. I am not a drag racer nor do i plan to...
  6. Rear signal light MOD

    Rear signal light MOD

    Rear signal light MOD