1. Noon

    sprocket and chain change

    I'm changing the sprockets and chain on my 2005 Hayabusa which I've never done and would appreciate any tips and tricks . i have an idea of what to do but I've ran into something and I'm not sure what it is , please help there's some kind of a spacer on the sprocket cover and I'm not sure...
  2. KieranJ1992

    Gen 2 Hayabusa rear wheel spindle/axel siezed. Please help!

    Hello. After purchasing a new chain and sprocket set, I have come to fit it and realised that my rear axel A.K.A spindle is siezed up. I have tried whacking it several times, for hours, with a rubber mallet with rear paddock stand in use, wheel propped up, wheel on ground on side stand. You...
  3. HayabusaHayes

    Cam chain replacement guide gen 1 help!!

    Does anyone have any information on replacing the cam chain?? I’m a mechanic so I know my stuff but the service manual doesn’t have any information on removing the cam chain itself. I’ve been riding this bike for a few months and It’s had the rattling noise since I bought it. I thought it...
  4. I

    O-ringed Chain That Can Support 350hp?

    What chain is everyone using for a 350hp build? I had an Ek drz2 (11,500 lbs tensile strength) lasted me about two months before it just wore out beyond its limit. I know it's a non-oring chain and not for daily driving because it would wear out a lot faster because of not having o-rings to...
  5. darkbusa

    Osd Kit Best Chain???

    I got the 330 osd kit from roaring toys and they send me RK530XSOZ1 chain. This its the best chain for this kit because i checked the best chain for Hayabusa 2nd gen its DID ZVM530 chain. I need the more info possible. Thanks
  6. G

    Any Reputable Mechanics In Maryland?

    So after much abuse of the search engine here in the forums AND on Google, I figured that I would post this question. Does anyone know of any GREAT mechanics here in Maryland? I don't mind traveling to the right guy. I have a bad chain break at high speeds. My 07 Busa has been sitting since...