1. HayabusaHayes

    Cam chain replacement guide gen 1 help!!

    Does anyone have any information on replacing the cam chain?? I’m a mechanic so I know my stuff but the service manual doesn’t have any information on removing the cam chain itself. I’ve been riding this bike for a few months and It’s had the rattling noise since I bought it. I thought it...
  2. I

    O-ringed Chain That Can Support 350hp?

    What chain is everyone using for a 350hp build? I had an Ek drz2 (11,500 lbs tensile strength) lasted me about two months before it just wore out beyond its limit. I know it's a non-oring chain and not for daily driving because it would wear out a lot faster because of not having o-rings to...
  3. darkbusa

    Osd Kit Best Chain???

    I got the 330 osd kit from roaring toys and they send me RK530XSOZ1 chain. This its the best chain for this kit because i checked the best chain for Hayabusa 2nd gen its DID ZVM530 chain. I need the more info possible. Thanks
  4. G

    Any Reputable Mechanics In Maryland?

    So after much abuse of the search engine here in the forums AND on Google, I figured that I would post this question. Does anyone know of any GREAT mechanics here in Maryland? I don't mind traveling to the right guy. I have a bad chain break at high speeds. My 07 Busa has been sitting since...
  5. Supersprox Chain Sprocket Kit

    Supersprox Chain Sprocket Kit

    Supersprox chain sprocket kit
  6. P3272296


    LSR CF chain guard
  7. P3272295


    LSR CF chain guard