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3rd round of reconfiguring this turbo gen 1

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Boost leak located after tuning and very conservative timing 370rwhp on pump 93 at about 15psi. Running an M130 and an AMS1k. I haven't decrypted the motec boost control yet, installing gen 2 clutch this week. This is motor build #4, last 2 done by me. GMC 800J that originally i bought to fix a tailgate ding on my truck. A little undecided if i want to go with decals on the lowers only or just leave as is. Pix do not capture the pearl at all. I used as much pearl as base coat.


None of this could have happened this time or any other configuration without Richard Peppler, Rob Bors, Cecil Townsend, Bill @ Porttech heads, Ryan Reed, Scott Davis, Chris Hall, and everyone else who has and continues to help me along the way.
Always nice to see credit given where it's due, to the people that give their time and energy to make these sort of projects happen.
Very cool machine, the power figures are awesome . . must be amazing to ride? Or scary lol.
I tell you ive only ridden to the store and back as I only painted it last weekend. Still has a single stage lockup but my gen 2 clutch came in yesterday and I cant wait to get to the track. You wouldn't believe how smooth the m130 when the VE tables are right, the just down the road throttle feels sooo smooth. Like a stock bike with a good tune. Ive not gotten into it yet on the street, last time I did before we dyno'd it with a 7lb spring it was spinning really bad pretty useless except maybe for highway pulls. Ive got other bikes that are 200 horse that I can street play on. I did a 6th gear pull once on the highway up to 10k with 18/40 (mighta been a 19t front) gears and I could no longer hold my feet on the pegs and my legs just kinda went along the swing arm, felt like the nose was going to come off. Ill never do that again, believe it was 10 psi maybe 13. Was not planned, just an open stretch and a whim. It got there so fast. Coulda died so fast
Once I met an old man who was an old school circus pit rider, the ones go up n around those round cages. His body was so broken. He told me "If your bike doesn't scare you, make it so it does or get rid of it". I didn't learn, had a GPZ550 at the time, messed myself up pretty good on a lean. His words are stuck in my head now.
After some street riding on this, and one day where i had the ams set to 10 on a 6lb spring (logs said 15psi) on the street, i couldn't do anything in 1st 2nd or 3rd without spinning all up the way up the tach and i hadn't looked at the boost and i finally slowed down and did a 4th gear pull, woah. There was a vehicle so far ahead of me and i was behind it so fast it was yes, scary. I miss jumping out of airplanes but this is pretty close

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