My 2004 Kawasaki zx9r F2

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Ok i know it's not a Busa or even a Suzuki. But i thought i would add it to the showcase as it's the bike i will never sell on. When i first bought it, it was silver and looking a bit dated and tired. So i did a full rebuild on it in 2016 and changed the colour to Blue and painted the frame / swingingarm and some other parts black. In 2018 I got hold of another set of panels and painted them the classic 1984 GPz900r colours which are now the panels that will stay on the bike. I found a mint Akrapovic end can for a steal. Also got Harris rearset and Harris exhaust hanger as well. It has a Yamaha FZ8 tail tidy with a custom undertray. I also have the reg number X9OOR on it as it's a zx9r. I stopped using the bike 2 years ago and just leave it parked up on its stands in the garage. I do start it up every couple of months or so. Today I did cleaned the last 12 months of dust of it. I do have a cover for it, but i like seeing the bike every time i go into the garage.
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Very nice, I had a GPz900A1 in 1994, kept it til 1999 and sold it for $1500.
Had a lot of good times and epic rides on it, even had a 38km chase with the old bill, not a good day. But I gotta say, that zx9r looks great in those colours, hats off to you sir!

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