Mathew Russell’s gen 2

Pros: Clean build
Cons: Can't ride it
Bit of a sleeper if one rolled up along side you. Understated classy looks but says Stay out of my face before I get crazy.
Pros: DIY Turbo - not easy! Bike clean and stealthy.
Cons: Non.
You did this while getting married and buying a house??????!!!! You must be some manager Bro! Good work and thanks for keeping us in the loop.

PS: Cute mechanics too! Great to get girls out in the garage too.
Pros: Turbo
Thanks for taking the time to write this out . Your stealth street bird is very nice . Dont worry my Zero gravity tall tour screen did not help much either , but with a MRA X screen added to the Zero Gravity tour you will be a happy rider .
Great to see the kids helping in the photos . Not near as many people share this with their children as they use too . I think my bird will follow your lead one day in a few years . Turbo Tour Busa :)