Mathew Russell’s gen 2

My build we will see where it goes.

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I picked up my gen 2 two years ago was stock other than the full akro exhaust.

My first mods was removing the stupid skull windshield and tank pad. I replaced with a smoked zero gravity and a set of helio bars. The windshield did not provide as much wind deflection I was looking for and the helio I didn’t think I noticed a difference.

The next late summer I picked up a RCC tuebo, header, and wastegate from a guy on the org. Was confident I could do the build a piece it together way cheeeper than buying a kit. I wanted to make sure that what ever I did I would not have to change when I build the motor. So it took alot of research and overthinking everything.

My buddy works at a shop and I was able to powder coat my front and rear foot pegs and all the little parts. We also thought we could build a plenum well 6 hours later and taking it to a welder to see if he could make it work it ended up in the trash can.

Fall hit and tore the bike apart stared with the oil pan and cut the hole wrong and had to get a new one. Gixerhp hooked me up for a great price and shipped it fast. I got turbo mounted and the oil feed ran that was the easy part.




Fuel system was next this part was easy I sourced a few parts from Powerhouse and routed all the fuel lines this was a pain.




The plenum was one of my last things. I kept thinking I could find one cheep when someone upgraded to a intercooler. Never happened. I ordered one from racefab they sent me a gen 1 and asked me to send them a template for a gen2 and the wrong one back. So I just order one from On 3 Performance. Was great quality and was shipped fast.


Powerhouse sourced a lot of my little parts, answered my questions, and flashed my ecu.

Sadly my winter built took most of the summer. But it was busy with getting married, selling my house and buying a new one. So many other things went in to this build but it would not of been possible without the org and all the great people here with all their knowledge.




Been luck to have my little helper keep the build going this last year added the C&S swing arm. Doing a clutch mod now.
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Latest reviews

Pros: Clean build
Cons: Can't ride it
Bit of a sleeper if one rolled up along side you. Understated classy looks but says Stay out of my face before I get crazy.
Pros: DIY Turbo - not easy! Bike clean and stealthy.
Cons: Non.
You did this while getting married and buying a house??????!!!! You must be some manager Bro! Good work and thanks for keeping us in the loop.

PS: Cute mechanics too! Great to get girls out in the garage too.
Pros: Turbo
Thanks for taking the time to write this out . Your stealth street bird is very nice . Dont worry my Zero gravity tall tour screen did not help much either , but with a MRA X screen added to the Zero Gravity tour you will be a happy rider .
Great to see the kids helping in the photos . Not near as many people share this with their children as they use too . I think my bird will follow your lead one day in a few years . Turbo Tour Busa :)

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