Drag Race Hayabusa, first setup

First setup on a Drag Race modified Hayabusa

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For now it "only" has 300cp at 0.5bar and 1500cc.
Working hard to get it to run the quarter mile under 8.5 sec.
This is my mechanic's Hayabusa, modified for European Drag Racing championship.
Two great mechanics got this done, one of them is the owner and the other is competing against him at the same races. So, great sportsmanship here.
MTC centrifugal clutch, Low CR forged 450cc pistons, Carrilo Crank, two fuel pumps, up to 1.2 bar turbine and many other things done.
At this point it runs on regular petrol.
After the engine running-in, the owner will mount 1000cc pistons to get it to 500cp.
Of course, there's a lot to do still, but this is already a monster. Special attention is given to the turbine software and lot's and lot's of Dyno testings and other setups.
In the first tests the motorcycle broke a transmition chain and the chain tensioner.
After some software tweaking, the engine runs normal up to 5000rpm taking 5.3 - 5.9 l/100km and after 5000rps, the turbine kicks in. Of course, when the 1000cc pistons gets intalled, things will change.
For now the bike can do 9 sec. It goes up to 267km/h in third gear.
When it's all done, and the motorcycle will be in its final setup, I want to post a video in english detailing all the work.
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