Custom decals, did the paint job myself.

Custom unlimited gen 1


Pull the trigger,I did and enjoy the Hayabusa every day . So will you I’m sure.
I am sure you know Black is the fastest ( smile)
If I
i want to make my gen 3 fairings similar, black and white.
If I remember right, it was a matte black with a satin clear coat over it. The game changer for being able to paint it myself was being able to order a specific color, have them give it to me in a spray can, but with a button on the bottom you could push to release a hardening compound. No need for a spray gun. I did it outside without a booth on a windless day. You also have to have a good eye for laying the tape on curved surfaces. And for looking at the lines on the body work and seeing if there's anything unused that you can use. There are definitely lines on the fairing over the front tire that you could split between black and white. Not recommended to anyone who doesn't know how to sand, prep, and Prime... But good luck! I prefer the Gen 1 to the Gen 2, and I'm torn between the Gen 3 and 1. The Gen 3 is certainly beautiful...

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