Art 05 Hayabusa

hayabusa 05


Nice . . ya got more pics? More info would be awesome also, we like the details here . . lots and lots of pics and details :beerchug:
Will get some more pictures soon. Stock bike with these chinese plastics on. Has yosh slip on and a K&N i am told. I havent had time to dig into her further but more to come. In the middle of complete brake job(fluid, pads, lines, and master rebuild), tuning suspension, oil change with filter, new tires going on this friday, radiator fluid, chain refresh, and marble mod too. I will be needing some ecu unleashed work as well.
This is the starting point for me on this machine. I am going to have the bike wrapped in some form of metalic laser blue matte color. Te rear sets and the passenger pegs will go black soon. I will be reaching out to Powerhouse for gold rims too So much to do such a limited wallet capacity!
Can be a cool Bird but put the heat gun to all that tribal please. Work your magic will be watching for up dates.

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