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    Who is the oldest Busa rider on this site??

    Wow! Great to see a lot of riders my age out there! 53 here on a 2005 modded and still a beast with over 33k miles. I plan to ride a Busa until my body says it can't anymore!
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    2015 Daytona 200 to be shown on FANSCHOICE.TV Live Stream!

    Saddens me that a race like the 200 is on the Internet. What has happened to sport bike racing in the US?
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    Yosh pipe cover

    Thanks for the help!
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    Yosh pipe cover

    So if I get ahold of someone at Yosh they will repair it for a fee? It is part of a full Yosh system.
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    Lets hear those miles!!

    2005 with 30k. Runs great and only normal wear items replaced.
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    Yosh pipe cover

    The cover on my pipe is bubbling. Is there anything that can be done? It's part of a full exhaust so I don't want to replace all but I don't like the way it looks. I'm sure it will eventually start tearing off.
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    Busa vs 1000c-750cc in Twisties

    +1 The rider has a lot to do with it. If riders were equal I'm thinking the 1000 though.
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    40 bikers block 1-70 in KC

    Live in KC too. Can't believe someone would be stupid enough to do this. These guys have made it rough on those of us who are not like that. Now we are guilty by association as far as the police are concerned.
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    Genmar riser installed. Need to fill fork Adjuster holes

    What's out there to make it look more pleasing than the 2 big holes? Also anyone got a cheaper solution for bolt covers than a dealership?
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    Time to get some Genmars on my 2005 Busa

    Thanks for the input 6 pack. I want to see what this does first. The risers are the actual bars, correct?
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    Time to get some Genmars on my 2005 Busa

    I will turn 51 tomorrow and have to relent I need to take pressure off my wrists. I'd like to do the 1 1/4 inch ones. I have done a search and looks like I can put them on with rerouting the choke cable only. Is that correct? Also what about turn clearance and the windscreen? Last who is a good...
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    2011 Best of Pashnit Photography

    Love looking at your pix you post! Thanks for sharing your passion for the Busa and where your blessed to get to ride!
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    1st time wearing earplugs (wow).. I ride faster now

    +1 here. Went up to get lunch the other day from work 4 blocks away. Figured I just throw the helmet on and go. It made me realize how much I love them. I feel more in tune with what the bike is doing.
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    Miles between oil changes

    I use the Mobil 4T Racing. I've noticed if I go too much over 3 to 4k miles the shifting gets a little more difficult or "clunky". So I change at 3k just to keep it smooth. I also can trust that modern day synthetics don't break down near as much hence longer periods between changes. But I also...