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    People we miss around here...

    What up Angel...long time no harass...:beerchug:
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    People we miss around here...

    I was waiting for someone to say they missed me.....and I am still riding "firedancer"..:-)
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    People we miss around here...

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    Happy birthday busa pebbles

    Thanks Everyone, it was a great day!! Dino took care of me. :cheerleader:
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    Do you remember the 1st day you met the one you love...?

    Don't be specific!!:poke:
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    Tidewater Virginia Busa Owners!!!

    I will invite you Lycan. Half of this house is mine also. Dino is mean.
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    ** The oRg Rules **

    I don't feel like I have been gone that long, but people must really be acting like elementary school students. There are more rules here than my daughter has in 4th grade.???
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    Why don't women wear dresses anymore?

    No worries, he gets his fair share of azz kickin, as he tends to put his foot in his mouth on a regular basis. :whistle: With regards to this thread...I do work in a job where I am expected to "dress," I always have....I wear what makes me feel general that is something feminine...
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    is the...

    I have never been even close to 180 and never will be...BUT in my parallel world I am hitting 180 on the BUSA...
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    prayers needed-hope it's just the leg

    Prayers sent.
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    Would you try this?

    No, but there are three boys in my house that I am sure would be more than happy to act stupid...:laugh:
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    Ok guys, last minute Turkey advice??

    I also do the foil tent for the last hour....
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    Ok guys, last minute Turkey advice??

    You need to put stuffing inside it....The time sounds about right. You will want to get up very early and get it in the oven. I am with Dino though...Frying the turkey is much faster and keeps the turkey moist. :thumbsup: PS...Make sure you thaw the turkey...some people forget that step.
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy thanksgiving everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Adam Lambert kisses male keyboard player on AMA

    So we went from Gay men Kissing to Women's Breasts......I would have thought it would have went from Gay men Kissing to Gay women kissing...but hey...Whatever...anyone interested in talking about the male anatomy?:whistle: