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Discussion in 'Accident / Crash Forum' started by OneSickBusa, Mar 27, 2011.

  1. OneSickBusa

    OneSickBusa Registered

    My fiancee's dad crashed my hayabusa yesterday, he has be riding longer then I have been alive so I thought I could trust him on it, boy o boy was I wrong! Well what I need help with is when I bought the bike the guy told me the paint was custom so my question for you guys basically it really a custom paint job? If not where could I find the fairings to match? are these at least OEM colors that can be easily matched? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  2. busastalker05

    busastalker05 Registered

    Im no help but I hate to hear that. Some one will be along soon that is

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  3. twotonevert

    twotonevert Member of P.E.A. Moderator

    That is not an original color scheme. The silver just might be oem colors, and the maroon might be oem colors, but that color scheme with those two colors is not factory. Sorry about the crash and welcome to the oRg. Never ever let anyone ride your busa. Oh, and I am not sure what the silver is, but the maroon might be Candy Sonoma Red. What year is the bike?
  4. dadofthree

    dadofthree Seasoned Beef Donating Member

    Custom, not OEM
  5. OneSickBusa

    OneSickBusa Registered

    Its a 2000, thank you guys for the input, it is greatly appreciated!
  6. racerV

    racerV Did you say something? Donating Member

    It was a nice looking bike. Sorry for your loss.
  7. BMW5

    BMW5 Registered

    Sorry to hear that!!
  8. Hayabusa4life

    Hayabusa4life I said Good Day! Registered

  9. Hayabusa4life

    Hayabusa4life I said Good Day! Registered

    Oh, by the way...::50
    and sorry to hear about the bike, I hope you can get if fix.
  10. semi

    semi Whoooosh! Moderator

    sorry to hear about the wreck! definitely not a stock color scheme and it doesn't even look like OEM colors to of luck getting her put back together ::4
  11. BusaWhipped

    BusaWhipped Moderator

    ::50 Youre not the first to have dad/dad-in-law crash their Busa. It's custom paint. Any good automotive paint supply place will have a paint scanner. They will scan the paint on the bike and it will provide the recipe for mixing the pigments.
  12. zach1340

    zach1340 Registered

    That was gonna be my reply::4
    I guess you know from a similar experience too:laugh:

    Sorry, good luck, and I hope you get her fixed right up.
  13. DEMMYM

    DEMMYM Donating Member Registered

    Sorry Dad,

    That was a Custom paint job.

    Were going to have to repaint the whole bike with airbrushing. :whistle: :whistle: :whistle:
  14. Fastfrog007

    Fastfrog007 Donating Member Registered

    Guess you're gonna find out if your gettin married or not. Dad Dante pay, be on your way. :whistle:

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  15. macon454

    macon454 181.552 mph Texas mile on a B-King 3/28/09, AKA "C Donating Member Registered

    ::50 to the org.
    Sorry to hear about the wreck.

    Your busa is like your wife, You NEVER let anyone ride it.
  16. red1100cc

    red1100cc Registered

    sorry about the wipeout. have any pics of the damage? ???
  17. red1100cc

    red1100cc Registered

    oh and
    ::50 to the ORG!:cheerleader:
  18. VIPER

    VIPER Formerly known as viperblackbusa. Registered

    welcome to the org...not original as you have heard...take some of the flakes to your local paint shop they can scan it and compare to get ya the correct color.
  19. skydivr

    skydivr Jumps from perfectly good Airplanes Donating Member

    This isn't as bad is it could be - he's gonna pay to fix it, and you have a GET OUT OF JAIL FREE CARD with ur future father in law::4
  20. Rainbow7

    Rainbow7 Registered

    Definitely not OEM colours. Look on the bright side: you now have the opportunity to repaint it in a better colour scheme.

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