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Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by tmpowdercoating, Dec 13, 2009.

  1. tmpowdercoating

    tmpowdercoating Donating Member

    anyone belong to any other forums? if so which one?
  2. Phil96

    Phil96 Tail Gunner Donating Member

  3. Laylas_Mom

    Laylas_Mom Registered

    Nope. Just this one. Reason? Simple! I dont get disrespected for being a female here. Also, the knowledge here is vast so I have never needed to stray.:thumbsup:
  4. badazgtp

    badazgtp Registered

  5. aussiekeeper

    aussiekeeper Registered

  6. Mr Brown

    Mr Brown Registered

    Psychobike and a couple local forums.
  7. Blazing-Saddle

    Blazing-Saddle "Kowalski" Donating Member

    [H]ardOCP, AnandTech, X-bit Labs, vBulletin, Broadband Reports among others....
  8. dadofthree

    dadofthree Seasoned Beef Donating Member

    One, was invited to join, haven't been there much...................
  9. Fastfrog007

    Fastfrog007 Donating Member Registered

    I dont belong to any other forums, i do look in on an ATV forum my freind belongs to, got some real smart-a$$ guys over there, great laughs
  10. turbobusa2000

    turbobusa2000 Registered

    Turbobikes.org, Suzukihayabusa, psychobike
  11. Dr E

    Dr E Donating Member

    Member of 42 forums...active in three...having fun in only one!

    Hey, did anyone say COOKIES????
  12. Warputer

    Warputer Father of 4=Madness Donating Member

    1 Busa forum based out of Canada & 2 from the U.K.
  13. m_ridgeway

    m_ridgeway pipeline trash Donating Member

    Busanation don't go there unless I'm hom don't supprt mobile well.
    Moddedmustangs. There's a million azzhats and a couple good dudes there.
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  14. Black Sheep

    Black Sheep They call me Baaah! Donating Member

    you'll be back.
  15. macon454

    macon454 181.552 mph Texas mile on a B-King 3/28/09, AKA "C Donating Member Registered

    Busanation and Suzukihayabusaorg.
  16. 2busa

    2busa Registered

    I got nothing for you, tm. I'm banned from 41 websites. Count NotMuchStangModding and his other website as part of that banned list. Azzhats could not comprehend what that 02 signal was doing to their car. I had a lot of fun there while I clocked them down for the count.

    They more or less were trying to shut down the CEL (check engine light) in the dash. Azz if you can shut down the TRE's locked-6 on your bike. You have the same confusion of FI with the car crowd as you do the bike crowd. The bike and car pretty much mimic each other in the 0 to 5v count.

    Why is it my problem they cannot ::51 comprehend WATT the 3wV is. It says it there in one sentence. :laugh: I will bet, I go back there in 10 years, the same thing is going on trying to shut down the 6-locked dash for cash... :rofl:

    INSPECTOR Registered

  18. Mr Bogus

    Mr Bogus Trouble Makers Inc. Donating Member

    just tell them you "yank" the bulb out.. :rofl: (can not count the number of times I have seen that done)
  19. m_ridgeway

    m_ridgeway pipeline trash Donating Member

    I'm guessing your talking about the rear 02's? Just buy a tuner and turn them off. I can see why they banned you so they wouldn't have to read your lifes study into resistance.
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  20. theskaz

    theskaz I am all that is BACON! Donating Member

    just here and intensemuscle.com

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