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Discussion in 'General Bike Related Topics' started by darby ofool, Apr 23, 2003.

  1. darby ofool

    darby ofool Registered

    hello all i'm new to the whole busa thing i had mine about four days and are trying to get a idea of what problem's they have or might have and to find other people who are interested in the bike which looks like their's alot of you out there.
  2. Revlis

    Revlis Re-Recycled, Busa-Less... Donating Member


    In the forums you will a wealth of information regarding different problem areas, concerns, tips etc...
    Lots of good stuff.
    This site is actually what prompted me to go for it and get the Busa.
  3. Big Wall

    Big Wall Registered

    Welcome to the board and congratulations on the new bike.

    The only two problems that come to mind right away are an occasional false neutral between 5th and 6th gear and a sub frame failure in the older bikes.
  4. jwcfbd

    jwcfbd Moderator

    Welcome to the board.  The only problems that I have had with my 2000 has been dealer induced.
     Here are a few of the common concerns:
     1) Clutch noise (common [​IMG] )
     2) False nertural between 5 and 6 (mostly caused by lazy shifts [​IMG] )
     3) Subframe on 1999 and 2000 ( there have been a few that broke just behind where the bolt to the main frame [​IMG] )
     4) Temp (watch your temp when stuck in traffic on hot days.  The Busa likes to run hot when there is no air moving. [​IMG] )
     5) White stuff (sediment) in the radiator overflow bottle. (normal [​IMG] )
     6) Fast tire wear (normal [​IMG])
     7) Uncontrollable erge to ride (habitual [​IMG] )
     8) The grin and chills that you get when anybody mentions the word Busa. (Busaitus, no known cure at this time just keep riding as much as you can to prevent the depression from kicking in. [​IMG] )
     9) Being unable to accept that the Blue and Silver is the fastest color (denial [​IMG] )
     10) Being the criticized for buying a bike that weighs so much. (jealousy [​IMG] )
     11) Not being able to got to bed at night without one more trip to the garage to say goodnight(sickness [​IMG] )
  5. Thinker62

    Thinker62 Donating Member

    We actually have a section for that...go here Common Problems

    Good late night reading.
  6. Big_E

    Big_E Registered

    Well Put... except for the silver/Blue thing....
  7. Gargamel

    Gargamel Registered

    Agree with Big_E, the silver busa thing is out of the question. Everybody knows that the '02 LE black/black is the fastest color in Busa history!!

    (I had to do it :) )

    Regards from Boston

  8. darby ofool

    darby ofool Registered

    thanks for the info now all i have to do is wait for some good weather and i'll be able to enjoy life again.
  9. Revlis

    Revlis Re-Recycled, Busa-Less... Donating Member

    The Only Problem here is the persistant state of denial those on anything other than the 02 LE live in...<span style='color:firebrick'>jwcfbd</span>...I am looking in your direction...  [​IMG]
     I have heard that there are some folks you simply feel threatened by the "Stealth Busa". [​IMG]

    Actually it was a real good question and something I should have asked awhile ago...

  10. PaceMaster

    PaceMaster Donating Member

    Welcome darby are pretty close to where i live..
    So. Carson City soon....hope you have good luck and lot's of fun on your new Haybusa..brand new or used?
  11. monsterspeedfreak

    monsterspeedfreak Donating Member

    Welcome too the board darbyofool.
    I've only had one problem.
    I can't sleep at night anymore knowing that I could be outside
    fondling my Busa!!!!
    About three in the morning early last week something like this actually happened.
    My fiancee noticed I wasn't in the bed.
    She walked through the house and noticed the open carport door.
    She flicked on the carport light and here's me butt naked laying on the Busa, licking the tank, my hands wrapped around her underbelly, and moaning like crazy.
    For $5 US I'll send you pics.
    Counselling for all three of us starts next week.
    Send donations to..................
    Hope this doesn't get me in trouble.
  12. jwcfbd

    jwcfbd Moderator


    And Monster you got the freak part right [​IMG] To much info
  13. rubbersidedown

    rubbersidedown BUSA-RIDIN'-BASTID Donating Member

    Dont mind him......he's CANADIAN . They're all PERVERTS up there . Apparantly , those Canucks will stick their *thing* in just about any good lookin' gurlz *tailpipe* . But...that just might be a rumour . I have no idea .
    NEW 'BUSA= [​IMG]
  14. monsterspeedfreak

    monsterspeedfreak Donating Member

    Man, you guys are no fun at all, it was a joke.
  15. rubbersidedown

    rubbersidedown BUSA-RIDIN'-BASTID Donating Member

    It was a joke EH? well if thats the case ,I wanna damb refund. I sent ya my five bucks .
    lol........hee hee hee.....
    have a good 1 bro..........
  16. monsterspeedfreak

    monsterspeedfreak Donating Member

    Were's the support around here anyways rubberside.
    Isn't VI in Canada Dude.
    Just buggin ya.
    Have a great one Bud
  17. darby ofool

    darby ofool Registered

    it's a 03 plus i can't blame him i want to park mine by my bed so i can see it all the time but it won't fit down the hall
  18. Revlis

    Revlis Re-Recycled, Busa-Less... Donating Member

    In all honesty, seriously one real problem I have been having is being patient throughout her break-in period and a constant desire to look at her, my work is suffering, and I cannot get this serious PERMAGRIN off my face...
  19. darby ofool

    darby ofool Registered

    i know what you mean about the break in period i want it to stop raining it's killing me not to ride

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