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    After losing to the R1 the other day I have decided to go with a +3 supersprox on the rear, a bmc filter, and a dyno tune with my full yoshi and PCV. Hopefully that will wake the bike up.

    Any of you guys have simliar mods? What's you're experience?
  2. DragginBusa

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    Interested to see what kind of numbers you end up getting out of your tune, please be sure to give us the before and after numbers! Over the winter I am going to be doing a +3 Supersprox in the rear and a speedo healer! Not sure what else yet though.

    Are you going to be getting the speedo healer when you do your sprocket? I would suggest it.
  3. hayabusapower

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    I gain 12hp on my dyno run. My mods r bazzaz zfi, quick shift, airbox mod with 4 short oem velocity stacks, BMC race air filter and full TRS yoshimura exhaust with stock sprocket. My weight is 240lbs, even after all this mods my buddy's with there 1000 still beat me. They all weigh around 180 lbs. Only my buddy that weigh 250lbs on is 2001 gsxr 1000 i can beat and he as similar mods plus yoshimura cams. That why this winter I'm going with a turbo upgrade from powerhouse, I'm going to teach this 1000 a lesson ones and for all LOL! Weight makes a big difference on a bike. I made my brother race my 250lbs friend on my Busa and he beat him 3 time in a row, it shows how weight makes a big diffrence.

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    I like the "Sent From My Hayabusa" tag at the end! :cheerleader:
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    Lol better then Send from my iPhone lol

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  6. hayabusapower

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    One more think save your money before doing your mods and keep it for a internal engine mod. For about $2000 you can get internal engine mod that will make u gain 200hp at the wheel.

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  7. Got-Busa?

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    The TUNE will help if its done correctly...

    BUT....going +3 isn't going to do anything but slow you down from lower speeds. If you can't pin the throttle in 1st gear now without's only going to get worse changing the sprocket +3. You need to get to the track and PRACTICE your riding skills. You don't need any mods, you need to learn to use what you have. If the rider weights are that different, either diet or ADD more power, bolt-on's won't get it done...

    The only thing +3 will help is if you are doing gear based roll ons, it will raise RPM and get you into the powerband quicker.
  8. Hayabusa4life

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    What do you sugest for internals?
  9. frisbee

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    NOS, hide it in the hump
  10. hayabusapower

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    I agree with got-Busa. When u race on 2nd rollon my friends with there 1000 beat me. On 1st I take them.

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  11. hayabusapower

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    A set of cams port and polish the head will get u a nice amount of power. Call powerhouse in New York or fine some one good in your area. Hayabusa r good strong engine and take nothing to get hp out of it.

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  12. BusaBret

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    Why do you want more power? By your previous thread you can't use what you already have where you need it to get the results you want.

    Learn your bike and how to ride it. Only thing more power is going to get you is at the least less money and still beat or at the worst hurt.

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  13. Hayabusa4life

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  14. kitchener rider

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    i am confused.. your going to teach these 1000 guys what lesson.... the lesson you had to spend mad cash to beat them... I dont want to sound like an ass but thats not a lesson i would want to teach, in my eyes thats not a win.

    SCBQQSTN Registered

    What's to be confused about? I'm not here to teach anybody a lesson, I am here to make my bike quicker. I am a 250 lb rider, and it's clear that my weight seems to be the biggest issue. Losing weight won't help, I am 6'9 tall and if I lose weight I will look like a stick. So I simply want to mod my bike to at LEAST keep up with the liter bikes
  16. 06+5 bussa

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    I posted this in your other thread but. I played with a 06 R1 lastnight on a closed airport road. He weights 160 and his mods were, two brothers full system and normal bolt on's. Mine is a 2011 Brocks CT full system with the normal bolt on's including +3 rear sprocket and i weight 210. We ran from 2nd-5th gear and i put 1 1/2 to 2 bikes on him and i hit the rev limiter in 3rd pretty bad(my falt lol). IMO a +3 sprocket will help you! it will get you moving quicker especially when there is a lil more weight to have to be moved. A friend of mine has a 07 1000 he was sprocketed and i wasn't he pulled me UP TOP of all places lol then i did the same sprocket and i pulled him all the way around from bottom through top. You may loose a lil top end but not until you reach speeds of like 190. Sorry for the long page just trying to help you out a lil from my OWN experience::4

    SCBQQSTN Registered

    Yes! I have ONE supporter out of this thread! lol. Thanks for your input sir
  18. dadofthree

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    :laugh: I think your beat down by R1 thread set the tone . Enjoy your ride.
  19. bigblue

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    I weight 290 and I went with -1 and +3. I love it!
  20. Lucid

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    Your going to have to spend some serious cash to beat those guys on a regular basis. I mean like big bore, nitrous, etc. (Turbo if you want but then it's not fun beating them because it's obviously not fair)

    I might go big bore and just not tell them lol. Make sure you're starting in YOUR powerband and not theirs next time. Check your dyno results, but it should be around 8500-9000. Start there or from a stop. Dont shortshift any gears either, take that thing right before redline.

    Your other two options:

    1) Have a guy that is lighter that you trust riding race them. You're giving the Busa a bad name to these kids!

    2) Cheat.

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