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Discussion in 'Busa Mods' started by geecare, Dec 31, 2009.

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    Necessary sockets and allen head sockets for the front engine bolt. (No need to loosen pinch allen bolt.), socket extension,painters tape, 2 inch saw drill bit, laser pointer, camera tripod and hand drill.

    1. Remove right side fairing and place camera tripod 4-6 feet away. Tape and secure laser pointer in a place where the light beam shines, when aimed in the center of the allen head bolt of the front engine mount. Tape button down to an on position. Leave on and don't bump tripod until hole is drilled.

    2. Replace and secure side fairing. Tape a 2 inch area where the laser light shines. Drill small pilot hole and remove fairing. Recheck light if still lines up with center of allen head of front engine bolt. If does, change bits to the saw and begin drilling.

    3. TAKE YOUR TIME DRILLING. Fast drilling speeds will melt the plastic and seize the saw bit, not to mention damaging your fairings.

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  2. geecare

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    6. Replace fairing and secure all screws and clips.

    7. With a socket, remove the front allen head front engine bolt and replace with frame slider and bolt. (Shorter neck slider goes on the throttle side) Don't forget blue lock tight. Tighten to 55 N

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  3. geecare

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    Repeat on other side. Please only do one side at a time. Otherwise your motor will be on the floor. (as what I've heard, don't want to find out)

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    The more "how to" threads the merrier! Everyone has a different perspective and each tutorial offers some unique insight. I'm getting ready to do mine and I had not considered putting tape on the outside (I assume that's to keep the fairing from splintering?)
  5. MikeSomething

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    Yea, makes a cleaner cut.

    I would've never thought of using a laser pointer and tripod myself. That's great!
    P.S. Awesome rear stand, I just got the same one, works great!
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  6. m_ridgeway

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    wow that laser thing is a great idea.
  7. jdsbusa

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    Good idea! I used the finger behind the fairing, yep, feels about right trick to install my LSL's. :laugh: Hey, it worked!

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    Cool right up. I used the allen bit behind and tap with a mallet. All great ideas for installing holes.:cheerleader:
  9. LukeKban

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    Awesome idea with the laser, would never thought. The whole cutting my plastics is what kept me from doing from sliders. But rest assure I'm going to get them now. Thanks a ton man!!!
  10. BY1Wheel

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    Good write up!!

    Do you have to remove the slider to get the side panel off? or can you get the panel off with the slider still on?
  11. crankinaway

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    Props to geecare on this one. Went from no cuts to cuts after reading this post. Zero problems fit perfect.

    This should get pinned.
  12. Xavius

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    Awesome idea, I've been going back and forth on the sliders too. Cut or no cut. I actually like the look of the no-cut ones, but i already bought the cut ones, they're going on soon. Thanks for the idea and pics!!!

    ICEMANN Registered

    man it's nice to see ideas come back around again. Keep up the good work. Nice pic example. Thats how we lined them up back in 1999 and 2000. Still works to this day.
  14. Salty

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    Out of curiosity...I have been searching for opinions and experiences but do the no cuts actually hold up what so ever in a crash? I have only ever used this style requiring you to cut through the fairings. I just bought a new 2k11 and do not want to take out the hole saw if the no cuts are legit...

  15. WACKEM1

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    Jus ordered a set of no cut t-rex sliders have heard lots of good things about these!

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