anyone own ICON field armor boots???

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by psycobusa, Dec 27, 2006.

  1. psycobusa

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    i got a pair of icon field armor boots and i wore them for the first time tonight......dayuuum those things are stiff as hell. i have big time problems trying to shift through the gears with these boots on.......i cant get the end of my foot under the shifter without taking my entire foot off the peg and angling it down and wedging it under the shifter.....the boot doesnt bend at all and i cant get the toes under the shifter while the heel is on the peg.

    another thing i dont like is that i cant feel the shifter through my when i upshift, i dont know if it actually shifted or use to that clicking feel when upshifting in my regular shoes.

    just wondering if anyone else has the boots and if they'll wear in over time or not......the toe part of the boot is like 2.5 in tall from sole to top and i just cant get it to go under the shifter while my heel is on the peg becuase it wont bend down for crap.
  2. Punisher

    Punisher Donating Member

    Hey, I have a pair of Icons that were the same way when I first got them at the beginning of the year. They are working alot better now as far as comfort and flex in the toes. As far as the fitting under the shifter goes I had the same problem too but noticed that with these boots you can use the side of the boot to the end of the shifter. They are a nice set it just takes a bit to get them broken in. Hope that helps.
  3. Don Hardcastle

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    I have a pair and I LOVE them. Yes they are a little stiff until they get broken in. As far as the shifter position, I rotated the clamp on the transmission shaft back one notch. It moved the shift lever up about 1/2 of an inch. Now it is perfect. I was so disappointed with the shifting issue (until I thought of that) I almost sent the boots back. I have had mine since June and they feel just like tennis shoes now. I have the string and top two buckles adjusted so that all I use to put them on and take them off is the zipper and the toe buckle. Hope this helps.

  4. Devil Dog

    Devil Dog Donating Member

    I've got Icon boots too......they need a long and rigorous break-in period. I broke mine in by walking around a lot. Mine are a few months old and are just now feeling good when I ride. I agree, they are very stiff when new. Give it time, they will come around. A good walk in the rain will get it done.

    Being a Marine we learn all types of tricks to break in boots. One way wear your boots in a hot shower and then take about an hour walk in them.......Works everytime!!!!

    Good Luck

  5. GSXTacy

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    I dont have the field armour but I have the motorheads. Just adjust your shift lever up a little and soon you will hate riding without them.
  6. BlueHaya

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    I have the Field Armor and had the same issues when I got mine. I got mine a few days before the Meet and Greet we had in Arkansas in Sept '06.

    They get better with time. I may need to do what Don did as well because I also have a tough time getting the boot under the shifter.

    I really like mine....not as comfortable as tennis shoes but alot safer.
  7. CAT3

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    Chuka's here, and break-in is quite a bit longer than a racing boot, but go figure its designed for the street. Once I wore them around a few weeks, on and off the Busa I can feel the shifter better etc, never adjusted the shift lever either since I ride with Chuka's, Combat Boots, Sneakers or Race boots..
  8. psycobusa

    psycobusa Registered

    adjusting the shift lever up sounds like a good idea. i might try soaking em in hot water and walking around in em also.....thanks for the ideas guys [​IMG]
  9. BiG-T

    BiG-T Donating Member

    Ya gotta wear the boots around the house....go for a walk w/ them.

    Once broken in you should be all good.

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