2012 zx-14r

Discussion in 'General Bike Related Topics' started by SpeedFiend, Oct 10, 2011.

  1. SpeedFiend

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  2. darciedog1

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    I'll keep what I have. It is just not for me.
  3. Sous

    Sous Donating Member

    I do like it better than the older one, but still not for me. There are a lot of pictures there, just click on one in the article and it will bring up 21 more.
  4. Flicka

    Flicka Professional Booga Flicka Moderator

    It's heavier than a Busa, more expensive than a Busa, and just as ugly as it always has been.

    No thanks, I'm good.

    But Suzuki had better get off their butt and release a shiny new Gen III with ABS, Traction Control, and more horses...
  5. BusaBret

    BusaBret Almost...... Donating Member

    The one thing that jumped out at me was improved brakes. The ZX14 already had outstanding brakes. Suzuki could learn a thing or two in that department.

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  6. nhgunnut

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    I am going to commit heresy and say that with a 100cc bump over a stock gen 2 I can get past the looks. I would like to see some real world power stats cause If I can ride a B King I certainly can ride this hand full of ugly.
  7. fastblackblur

    fastblackblur Registered

    Can’t wait to see some dyno info, but I don't think I'll be lining up at the dealer to get one.
  8. fastblackblur

    fastblackblur Registered

    I've never realy understood why folks bash Suzuki brakes. They've never let me down...

    Only thing the previous 14 had on the busa imo was it has a more relaxed riding position which makes it more comfortable when not being ridden aggressively.
  9. Easy E

    Easy E Registered

    I don't think it looks bad at all. It has nicer rotors, brakes, traction, info on the dash. Probably runs like a bat out of hell..Remember the Busa ranked forth ugliest bike in the top ten rating of ugliest bikes. :laugh: But I still love my busa..cant' wait to see how mother suzuki responds.
  10. BusaBret

    BusaBret Almost...... Donating Member

    Not bashing Suzuki. Just saying they can do better.

    I actually find my Busa more comfortable than the 08 14 that I rode extensively.

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  11. mistaforty

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    im just a busa guy...after a certain point tho theres nothing that cant be done...and then its up to the rider. like bret says the brakes, but who discerning enough or that rides hard enough keeps the stock brakes anyway? no matter how improved they are.
  12. dragonbusa

    dragonbusa Registered

    I think its bad azz, stiffer frame, better brakes, more power, trac control,and no it aint ugly, Its bad azz, if I were in the market for a new bike I"d buy it.
  13. Blanca BusaLess

    Blanca BusaLess Suffers from PBSD Donating Member

    Looks ok but I like mine. Strange how there are more posts regarding the new Zx14 here than on the zx14 forum?
  14. Bigdog5

    Bigdog5 Registered

    I like my Busa, comfortable, good overall. Got a couple of buddies who I ride with that have 14's, they like them. The new bike looks good, not that ugly, some nice features being added! But I'm a Suzuki guy, 'nuf said!
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  15. GsxrBots

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    HAHAHA! I KNEW IT! It's still the ugliest thing on the road! SOOOOOOO Glad I didn't believe all the hype. That thing could do 600mph out of the box and I still wouldn't ride it! :puke: :rofl:
  16. GsxrBots

    GsxrBots Motorboatin' Moonpies, Gangnam Style Registered

    I'm so thankful that Suzuki never put flames on their bikes.. Thank you Suzuki. ::4
  17. GsxrBots

    GsxrBots Motorboatin' Moonpies, Gangnam Style Registered

    What are you doing on the ZX14 forum Blanca?? :whistle:
  18. dragonbusa

    dragonbusa Registered

    I just watched the video and the zx14 went 9.74 bone stock, And all yall can say is its ugly, or you dont like stickers? thats sad. this bike is the badest production bike ever made and if cant give it its dew respect then you have to be lacking in some personal place in your own little world? So now will get all stuff about what mods you need to keep up. All i can say is, the KH500 was once the badest bike around but that was back in 74, the busa was the badest a few years ago, but this 2012! THE ZX14 is king.
  19. GsxrBots

    GsxrBots Motorboatin' Moonpies, Gangnam Style Registered

    Who did that? Ricky Gadson? That's fair.. ??? Ah who cares anyway. If the Volkswagen Thing beat a Ferrari Enzo, I still wouldn't drive it..
  20. fast08busa

    fast08busa Professional Pilot kinda sorta Registered

    The new zx14 can kiss my busas a$$. And why in the hell did they leave the grils on the side, they say for aerodynamics, I say the only use for grills are for cooking burgers........

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