Windscreen for a B-King


Hi all,

After trading years ago my 2002 Busa for a VStrom 1000 I decided to try out a B-King which I found brand new at third of its price sticker. I really like the bike and I am well aware that it's a pain to locate parts (except for engine ones) and that resell value is near to zero. Nevertheless, when I hit the highway I wouldn't mind enjoy some wind protection. What would be a good compromise in terms of look and funcionality? The Vstream seems to be very durable but a bit tool large. Also I wouldn't like to drill any hole in the bike and keep it too stock (except for the free Zards exaust I got from the dealer).
Any answer is greatly appreciated.

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That's a good looking bike(wish mine was black), myself and a handful of others here have B-Kings.
I wouldn't say that they have no resale either, as the used prices I've seen this year have been rising.
As far as the windshield goes, you'de get more answers on
Simply because there are a lot of folks there that have windsheilds on them.
Stick around here too, as there is a lot of similarities between the Busa and B-King.
Welcome to the org.
mate has the exact same cans on his B-king....he changed the downpipes, added a PC5 and a few minor tweaks and got 214hp at the crank....thing is insane and he has plans to get it bored out.

Screen wise I had a small Puig screen which work ok til 3 figure speed and made touring much nicer without taking away from the looks.