Windchill of 44' & 12mph winds @ 90 mph?


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Freakin cold that's what! Just got in. Chilled to da bone but still grinning! :) Riding the Busa in Iowa Fall folks. It still rocks! Long john's, leather, scarf, multi-socks, it still rocks.
And my Diablos STILL didn't let go, like those crappy 208 streets, on my monster throttle twists.
mmmmmmmmm riding mmmmmmmmmmm
Ice schmice! 30 degrees and above, clear roads and I'M RIDING! SCREW WINTER!! HAHAHAHHAHAHHAA! I highly recommend it to everyone... snowmobilers play in the cold, why not us? :)
Too damn cold for me to even think about riding! I need warmer gear, and some of those heated grips! :)

Glad you're having fun though WWJD...