will this completely eliminate scratches/rubbing from a tank bag


would this completely eliminate all possibillities of my cortech super 14 liter tank bag scratching or wearing down the paint. I love using tank bags, but i'm always so worried that it will start wearing through the paint after repeated use. It's a piece of rubber/foam i cut from a tool box liner i had for my truck. Hopefully it will give it that added protection, let me know what u guys thing. I know, i know, i'm being just a little over paranoid






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There are those who say tank bags won't scratch or dull but I run one 24x7 and unless you are absolutely perfect removing and reattaching it each and every time it will dull and scratch. That said, I am a big fan of cutting some 3M transparent adhesive to the required shape and installing it for protection. If that pad you're using moves under that tank bag it will dull and scratch your paint. Here is a thread talking about the 3M stuff....check it out. Or you can pay a little more for the Tank Slapper product.


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Is is made of softer material than the bottom of the tank bag? If it's so thick the magnets don't hold as well it will slip and maybe scratch worse.

I've been using a Cortech for a year, I don't see any wear from it.
I've been using a Cortech for a year, I don't see any wear from it.
I detailed my bike then rode around the block for maybe 15 minutes and when I got back I could see fine surface scratches from my jeans and from my textile jacket. The surface was flawless when I left 15 minutes earlier. Unless your clear coat is made of titanium it is going to get marred from anything you put on it that moves the slightest bit, period.

Some people are sticklers to the appearance of paint and some couldn't see a fork in their eyeball.

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