Weird Vibes


OK, I admit it. I'm having my first problem with my new Busa'. I've had it 5 months now. During my first month, I heard a strange vibration sound at a low RPM. The sound was not that apparent and it was only happening at a very limited RPM range - so I ignored it.

NOW, 4 months and 1,000 miles later, It's steadily grown to become a louder sound and it happens all the way from 1,800 RPM to 3,500+.

It's not an engine vibration, but it is somewhere in the front of the bike. From what I can tell by pushing, prodding, and holding it's the windshield.

I've heard of other bikes having this problem - and something about electrical tape between the mounts as a fix. Has anyone had this problem? And if so, do you know a way to eliminate it?
the tape thing works and works good......Take the screen off and put a layer of tape around the tab corners. You will see what I mean by tabs when you take it off. just one layer of tape and then put it back in place and your ready to go.