Weds Nite Chat


Hayabusa Immortal
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Waaaaaasup people anyone up for a yak session 2 nite?  
6 pm west coast /  9 pm east  ( 4 pm Hawaii )
I tested the room it seems to be working ... Use the safe mode and I will be in the " General " room - seeya
Well I have to work tonight but I will check in when I get home if anyone is still around.
always up for a chat.

sorry 'bout that Hawaii I hadda listen to the GF admonish me with her undying love and devotion to my happiness.. .. plus tell me about her busy day. .. haha

next week I'm there for the long haul
are there still plans for a new and improved room?  
are you talkin to me?

are YOU Talkin to ME???

hmm... well, it was my intention. I did propose that Captain allow me access to his server before the recent problems.

I am willing to create and customize a new chat program that is more user and client friendly... but until Cap decides to let me work on it on his server, I am at a stop.

This would also be a chance for me to ask Captain, Narcissus, Dustman, and whoever the powers to be...
I would like to become an admin here. Not to change things, not to be their buddy, but because I am here an awful lot during the day, and there are alot of little things that can be fixed, adjusted, tended to on a more regular basis without effecting the board. Captain has chatted with me about problems in the past that are not silly, but not important.

Captain: do I have a chance? What must I do? Am I wasting my breath?

No matter what the outcome, I still would like to work on a better chat client/server so's we can have a nice, easy time to chat when wanted.