want to trade wheels


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hey all
i have 05 LE rims with the silver lip but i want rims with out the silver lip.
they have the stock tires on with less than 1500 miles on them, and have pretty much full tread, not worn at all.
if anyone has reg all black rims with generally new tires on and wants to trade please let me know.
Drive to Simsbury, CT and I will trade you the rims off my 05 Busa.
It's leaving later this week so you would have to come soon.
They have pilot power on them front and back.

Last time it was ridden was from the crash site Dec 24th.
I have pretty new 06.
It would take less than a minute to wash off the whole bike.

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Who cares about a bike TimmyDuck is selling. Anyone want to trade up LE wheels for stock.

Sorry, just keeping the topic on track. Grab.
I have 3000 miles on the front and only 1400 on the rear.  stock rear punctured at 1600. Will get some pics.

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I would like to trade my 05 wheels for yours.  Is there anything wrong with them, and what about tires?
i am trading the wheels with the tires, they are stock tires, and have less than 1500 miles on with all the thread.
there is absolutly nothing wrong with htme, i just want all black wheels instead of the ones with the silver lip.
let me know if you wanna make the trade.
this pic was tacken on friday, you can see both rims and tires are really new and in perfect condition