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These guys are advertising here. Anyone buy from them, or know anything about them. Captain, what can you tell us?

I would like to support them.

I am waiting to see their chrome parts!
Maybe an introduction will help. I’m Tom Bumpous, the owner of VelTune R&D. It is not a new company but it is new to Tennessee and the Internet with an emerging focus upon the Bad Busa. I started VelTune in southwest Florida a few years ago as a small operation that specialized in the fabrication and development of maximum exhaust systems for hot street bikes and LS1-powered cars. Between dyno runs (a bunch of them) I expanded into aluminum and stainless polishing of sport bike parts and just naturally gravitated to the Hayabusa… happily, of course. :D

I got out of the car part of the business because bikes are just too compelling. The current shop project bike, a `02 Silver Busa named WarBaby, is ridden daily (when not on a bike lift) to test products and refine tuning. WarBaby has a propensity for drag racing and likes to visit the “Dragon†several times per year too (next visit – November, a birthday party given for me by my family). VelTune now revolves around the awesome Hayabusa.

We use the products we sell (that’s the main point of it all for us). If it doesn’t work, we dump it and find another product that does work… or build it. In other words, if it is not a superior product that improves performance, handling, and/or appearance, we won’t use it, recommend it, nor sell it, period! Our product line will expand incrementally as we prove products meet this philosophy.

As a member of this fine message board, VelTune supports the forum and it’s membership. We believe in sharing tech information. We are bikers first and foremost--always have been, always will be. We just decided to follow our passion and do it full-time, and try to earn a reasonable living in the process. Our shop is open to the public by appointment only because it is a research and development shop. If we can help anyone here, we will. E-mail us. No, we don’t have to sell you anything. Or maybe you can help us with a tech problem. We don’t pretend to know it all, just some of it derived from several decades of experience. It doesn’t matter if we give a lesson or take a lesson. It’s all good, because of the Hayabusa.

For pleasure or business, we look forward to the future with and it's members.

Some of my personal bikes can be seen here:

The VelTune Project Bike is here:
Ok, already... now spill the beans on the dyno results before and after the BDE/Hindle install... :super: I'm interested in that system if my dealer will still honor my engine warranty with it installed. Show us sum numbers, dude!  :super:

Any sound files you might have with the BDE/Hindle howlin' would be greatly appreciated as well. :cool:
Pardon my long-winded enthusiasm. WarBaby has not been to the dyno in it's present state (mods are still underway). That info will be available on our website as soon as we have the data. I'm as anxious to have the data as you. We'll work on the sound files too. :tounge:

Take care...