USA to Scotland Custom paint price comparison


I asked a local company famous for their race replica bike paints for a quote to paint my Busa a single colour (Suzuki GSXR 600/750 L1 blue) and this is what I received -

Cost will be in region of say £1000 to 1200 plus vat. ($1563- $1876 + 20%)
Labour on stripping and rebuilding will be approx. £200 plus vat ($312 +20%)

Turnaround time depending on when you are lloking to have it done 4 weeks.

How does this sit with US prices?

That it easy,


Just a single color? seems high to me but I have never had a bike painted. I would think and OEM single color paint job would be somewhere in the $900 to $1500 range but im just speculating.

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Slightly high but then again you say they are famous for their paint jobs so sounds like they charge a premium.
Why do you have to use them? Can't find anyone local to paint it one simple color for less?