Trying to trouble shoot an 07 GSXR 750 i am about to work on, any advice?


Getting ready to trouble shoot an 07 GSXR 750 i am about to work on, any advice?

The bike stalled one day and the owner thinking it was out of fuel topped it off and tried again. Still no vaarooom... At this point when you turn the ignition on there is no fuel pump noise at all. I am going to stop by his house tomorrow with my volt meter to try and chase the gremlins down...any advice or suggestions? Thanx in advance for any and all help. -BBB
Could be a fuse, If no pump running, then no power to pump. You can also lift tank, pull off fuel line to injector rail, Turn on key and see if it sprays really hard and fast. If not, Bad fuel pump. I've had that happen to my 05 busa and 04 Honda 1000
I figuered id start there, by seeing if theres any voltage going to the pump. If there isnt then i have read that theres a tip sensor that often gets stuck and also the fuel pump relay. Hopefully its an easy fix.
If the fuse box is down by the left foot as per the 1000 is can corrode the back of the carriers.
Stand switch, run switch or gear selector switch failure.
+1 on the tip over switch...hard to bypass without reprogramming the ecu....easy enough to test if you can get the loan of one from any fairly modern Suzuki....they can be opened up and re-greased which sometimes helps.
Is the dash showing what it should...neutral light etc and when cranking does the Fi light go out....if not link out the diagnostic plug under the front seat and see what the codes are that get displayed on the dash.